freshcells develops digitalization platform for Santa Claus

We are happy to help Santa and you finally make all data usable and optimize processes through modern, easy-to-use interfaces.

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Also Santa Claus had a high demand to take digitalization to the next level

Chief Santa knows, by now many of the business critical systems are outdated and not connected at all or only poorly.

The use, management and maintenance wastes the budget. In order to be armed against innovative start-ups and Amazon & Co, he now prefers to put the budget into modernization in order to remain competitive and optimize the processes in the Christmas village.
Only partially digitized processes are too cumbersome in everyday life.

Wish lists are now digitally transferred to the CRM when someone thinks of it. With more and more coming in via email, a lot gets stuck in Secret Santa inboxes, and then there's all the spam!

With 8 billion people now, the Christmas budget is going to numerous new administrative gnomes, who are hard to recruit these days.
Even pointy-eared top performers lose motivation in the long run.

The outdated CMS drives the gnomes almost more crazy than all the manual copy&paste from one Excel spreadsheet, email, CSV or Word file to the next.

And then there's the inputting into user interfaces that look like they came from the early 90s. The productivity and work-life balance of the gnomes suffers as a result.
Also Santa & the gnomes are struggling with IT systems that have grown up over time.

Digital PIM systems and web stores are in use for toy factories. But if the data is incomplete, production comes to a standstill, gifts can then not be packaged on time and individual greeting cards unfortunately still have to be written by hand.
Saving costs and increasing efficiency through digitization.

freshcells systems engineering GmbH helps to finally make all data usable and to optimize processes. With a flexible platform from freshcells, all data and systems are connected and are uniformly usable, with modern, easy-to-use interfaces. In addition, processes can now be changed quickly and open up new business models.
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The new world of WebTech with microservices-based, API-first, headless architecture lets the gnomes breathe a sigh of relief.

Chef Santa is even considering expanding his business and launching a SaaS-based franchise concept in the cloud, because startups and a joint venture with the Easter Bunny have long fascinated him.

freshcells wishes happy holidays

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