Our unblocking Vision-2-Reality method

Easily modernize your systems

Do your business suffer from outdated technology, slow legacy systems, inflexible system architecture, distributed data and dependencies that limit your ability to innovate?

Our proven unblocking Vision-2-Reality method solve dependencies and innovation blockades. Get ready to tackle the digital challenges of your business now.

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3 examples how our Vision-2-Reality method can help you

Connection layer for iterative modernization

Introduce a connection layer to your old system to gain flexibility
Iteratively replace parts of your old system
Get independency from your existing system and overcome restrictions by indroducing a connection layer.
Create new features easily by extending the flexible connection layer with (micro-)services.
Get a modern UI & UX as design and user flow can be rebuilt independently, across different systems and data on top of the connection layer.

Splitting up system components for flexibility

Split your System into flexible Components
Easily exchange / modernize System Components
Reduce dependencies because if split down into small, flexible components a large system is much more easy to maintain.
Replace & modernize easily by just focusing on a single component instead of a whole system.
Extend & grow fast as component based architecture scales very well, fast and cost efficient because dependencies are reduced.

Centralize & reuse code for innovation speed up & costs reduction

You may have e.g. multiple Website or Applications to maintain individually
Create reusable functions, patterns and a plattform foundation to reduce complexity and maintenance
Fix issues and introduce new features once across all your system
Less maintenance as you can manage and develop a plattform instead of individual websites or applicaitons.
Reduced costs because you can reuse code and features. Adapt or extend the base or core as you need.
More stability from cross-usecase tested code & features.

100+ clients from all kinds of industries have already benefited

Travel, healthcare, finance, automotive, construction & many more

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Selected success stories

DER Touristik Suisse AG

Multi-brand enterprise booking platform

With its brands Kuoni, Helvetic Tours, and lastminute.ch, DER Touristik Suisse AG is the Swiss market leader. It now operates all of its booking websites with only a single enterprise booking platform using freshcells fusion and TravelSandbox® technology.

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Your way to individual real time product configuration and ordering

Configure and calculate quickly and easily without registration from your kitchen top to the living room table, to the shower back panel.

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Lufthansa Holidays

Conversion increasement with new sales channels

HLX Touristik GmbH powers holiday brands for Lufthansa, Swiss, Radio Energy, Condor and platforms for travelzoo, secret escapes, Urlaubs Guru and many more.

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Innovative solution for Czech market needs

We are true experts on last minute trips with the most flexible options. You can assemble your holiday of thousands of different options. With us, you simply have vacation in your hands.

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