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Our Mission: Your Digital Success

Are you starting out or are you already an established player in your market segment? We deliver and develop the system environment needed to increase your long-term success. Together with you, we digitize your individual processes. A team of specialists is with you from the start. Naturally, we also work in cooperation with your existing partners.

Average is easy. We raise the bar. We think and work digitally and love the internet. We listen, complete, combine, and find solutions that complete and optimize your system landscape: fast, effectively, and in perfect quality.

We are your flexible partner, ready to create an agile environment with you.

  • Individuals and Interactions
  • Flawless Software
  • Customer Collaboration
  • Adapting to Changes


Don’t stick to old and obsolete business environments.

  • Processes and Tools
  • Comprehensive Documentation
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Following a Plan
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IT Consulting

Digital projects are always iterative processes. Sometimes it’s necessary to step back to go forward. We support you with collaborative consulting to get the best out of it.

  • Holistic analysis of your system environments
  • Defining your individual needs
  • Optimized processes and efficient workflows for you
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Concept & Strategy

Only those who accept change can grow. We support you in the ongoing development and expansion of your projects. This is our understanding of a sustainable and long-term partnership. We follow up on new technologies and market trends to identify new areas of growth. We have years of expertise and a global network of experts. This allows us to introduce to you pioneering options for action.

  • Continuous streamlining and optimization of digital processes
  • Flexible adaptation of your environments to your needs
  • Identification of new areas of growth
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Project Management

Your project success: Reaching the defined goal in time and budget. Our project managers oversee everything and act as contact partners for all project members. Friendliness, personality, expertise, and experience. These are the pillars of a successful project.

  • Focus on business values
  • Expectation management with all parties involved
  • Clear division of project management and technical project management roles
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UX/UI Design

Websites need to be increasingly dynamic. They must be individual, easy to use, and mobile responsive. Our UX experts develop frontend concepts that keep pace and even stay ahead of the times.

  • Concepts for the fusion of data from a product perspective
  • Holistic concepts for complex processes
  • Modern technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3, Sass, and JavaScript.
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Flexibility, stability, and scalability are indicators for the quality of digital systems. We add usability and value. We aim to develop solutions that fit your needs. We involve the best, experienced developers to meet our standards of quality.

  • Development of high-end systems and real-time APIs
  • Utilization of the latest technologies like ReactJS.
  • Continuous updates, improvements, and optimizations.
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System Integration

System landscapes generally grow at their own pace. Our systems engineering team provides you with integration security.

  • Analysis of functional models and current system architectures
  • Provision of service-oriented architectures
  • Delivery of stable systems and web solutions
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App Development

Native mobile application design is one of our core competencies. We develop with React Native and other efficient frameworks. We design dedicated apps for popular operating systems like iOS and Android. We are also ready to develop for Windows and other operating systems.

  • Developing native and cross-platform mobile apps
  • Handling complex functionalities in mobile app user interfaces
  • Optimizing mobile apps for best performance
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Systems Engineering

Systems should support the users. No barriers combined with processes that follow the users’ operations are key. When tackling any type of systems engineering project, a ground-up approach makes all the difference. We maintain a common understanding and vision of the individual requirements.

  • Real-time web development and engineering
  • Advanced software implementation methodologies
  • Object-oriented programming standards
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  • Developing native and cross-platform mobile apps
  • Handling complex functionalities in mobile app user interfaces
  • Optimizing mobile apps for best performance
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Our products with proven success

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mightyC® is a content player with a central collection of features, tools and APIs for managing your aggregated, reusable content and for its distributed dynamic playback.

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travelsandbox® is the result of many years of intensive travel portal experience. It is a powerful toolbox providing sustainable solutions for complex e-commerce solutions.

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freshMS allows you to adapt your site dynamically in just a few steps. The power of freshMS is its intuitive user interface with real-time API connectivity.

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