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Get your content easier than ever

mightyC® offers you a system that decentrally communicates with different content sources, providing you with the advantage of being able to centrally manage and aggregate data.

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A modular travel framework

Our travelsandbox® is your answer to the increasing demands for online travel portals and their customers.

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Realtime visual content editing

freshMS allows you to create and edit your website content in an intuitive way. This new form of editing is provided by direct connection to third-party systems, such as the Player-Hub-System.

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System Consulting

  • Optimization of processes and development of efficient workflows
  • Holistic analysis of your system’s environment
  • Determining your individual needs

Concept & Strategy

  • Market analysis and conception of a strategic, executable approach
  • Determining technical and financial feasibility
  • Working with innovative next-gen technologies

Project Management

  • Focus on business values
  • Expectation Management with all parties involved
  • Clear division of Project Management and Technical Project Management

UX/UI Design

  • Conceptualizes the fusion of data from a product perspective
  • Develops holistic concepts.
  • Uses modern technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3, Sass and JavaScript.


  • Creation of high-end systems and real-time APIs
  • Utilization of latest technologies like ReactJS
  • Continuous updates, improvements and optimizations

System Integration

  • Analysis of functional models and current system architectures
  • Provision of service-oriented architectures
  • Delivery of stable system and web solutions