Experts for every area

There are three crucial factors for successful development:

  • The appropriate combination of skills and knowledge
  • Good team cooperation
  • A robust process overview

Systems engineering helps us meet the challenges of these factors Every area of freshcells has specialists working in their fields – all of them with an interdisciplinary mindset This helps us maintain focus on the goal, even in difficult and complex project stages.

Noteworthy technologies we use include:

Symfony –

a leading open-source PHP framework. Symfony makes it possible to provide high-end, complex web applications at an affordable price. Less development and less overhead: ideal amenities for clients with a limited budget who desire superior digital engineering solutions. Updating an existing system is quite easy, because you can add plug-in components and even whole modules to an existing Symfony template.

  • Easy maintenance, constant improvements (thanks to its open-source nature) and scalable applications make Symfony a highly flexible and economic tool.
  • Clear designs, readable code and excellent debugging tools make this PHP framework extremely effective.
  • Front-end developers and clients can also access the architecture if needed
  • These are the reasons why we often use Symfony in our website engineering projects.


    ReactJS is a flexible and efficient declarative JavaScript library that streamlines the process of building user interfaces.

    Components instruct ReactJS on what needs to be rendered. ReactJS only updates components when the environment dictates it. Server-side rendering is also possible and pre-implementation testing is simple with the help of third-party tools such as Jest. ReactJS makes it simple to read the code of any installed components. Because it is possible to see how components are embedded inside each other, a website's functionality is further enhanced.

    For mobile application development, we use React Native. React Native allows us to develop unique apps in JavaScript.
    React Native works identically to the traditional ReactJS architecture. Applications built with React Native are indistinguishable from those based on standard code like Java or Objective-C. Applications use the same UI components as those in standard iOS and Android apps. React Native is an excellent option for building dedicated smartphone applications.