Headless CMS Integration

Portal solutions based on Headless CMS will make you independent

Easily enable flexible content management and highly complex configurations.

Headless Content Management Systems (HCMS) are backend systems, primarily designed for the central management of contents. Contents from a wide range of applications can be used via automated flexible interfaces (API).

In contrast to conventional Content Management systems, with a Headless CMS, the frontend (the “head”) is entirely separate and therefore completely independent. This is of particular importance because modern software environments increasingly consist of quite different system components in distributed structures where a Headless CMS can be ideally integrated.
Frontends can thus be flexibly optimized for various requirements without compromising the advantages of Content Management.

Headless Content Management systems facilitate the maintenance of contents and configurations. Adaptable interfaces allow for data management without requiring any programming skills. This enables companies to manage their portals in more flexible and cost-efficient ways using their own resources.

This is what Headless CMS Integration from freshcells can do:

  • Facilitate large-scale portal configuration without any programming knowledge
  • Completely replace clumsy, resource-heavy CMS solutions
  • Map the complete (or, optionally, only partial) content management for any web portal or other system components
  • Serve as a caching system for various static content sources
  • Generate APIs dynamically
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