IT Consulting

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Your individual demands are our focus

You define the goal, and we work together with you to find the best solution to achieve it. This is the way we understand consulting. With a bunch of many years doing our business we help you to transfer visions into digital reality. We know how to work out requirements from innovative ideas. And we know how to break them down into components - ready for development. From the first moment on through the whole process we pursue to keep you involved and to discover added values.

Consulting @freshcells includes:

  • Clear innovation paces with technical feasibility checks
  • Economic benefits by optimization of the business logic
  • More sustainability with the best architecture for software development
  • Reliable status analysis and recommendations for optimizations
  • Professional user experience concepts
  • Smooth communication processes during the cooperation
  • Support of third-parties during technical implementation
  • Support of your products the strategic alignment
  • Alleviation of your daily business by taking over processes
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