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Real-time visual content editing

freshMS allows you to create and edit your website content in an intuitive way. This new form of editing includes direct connections to third-party systems like Player Hub systems. Direct inline editing in the real view of your website makes it very simple to work intuitively. This has led to an easy-to-understand, feature-rich content management system for e-commerce. It removes the need for working in complex backend systems and simplifies your daily work.

Edit directly in preview

freshMS provides inline editing, thus removing the need to change between background editing and preview. Simply edit content directly in the preview. You have never edited your website content with such ease.

Dynamic content from any source

In conjunction with mightyC®, freshMS allows you to connect to any content sources and display them on your website. There are no limits to the type or structure of sources. Example sources are PIM systems, web services, databases, and static files, to name just a few.

Multichannel marketing

Define content for different end devices, markets, brands, and even for defined target groups in each required language. High-frequency, multichannel marketing as it should be.

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What does freshMS offer

  • Dynamic frontend content editing in a few steps
  • Sophisticated image management options
  • Intuitive user interface with real time API connectivity
  • High-quality, time-efficient page management
  • White label readiness
  • Designed for continual adaptation to customer needs and market demands
  • Adaptable to existing HTML CSS frameworks and built on top of your site

Our products with proven success

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mightyC® is a content player with a central collection of features, tools and APIs for managing your aggregated, reusable content and for its distributed dynamic playback.

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travelsandbox® is the result of many years of intensive travel portal experience. It is a powerful toolbox providing sustainable solutions for complex e-commerce solutions.

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freshMS allows you to adapt your site dynamically in just a few steps. The power of freshMS is its intuitive user interface with real-time API connectivity.

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