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freshMS allows you to adapt your site dynamically in just a few steps. The power of freshMS is its intuitive user interface with realtime API connectivity.

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Make your life easier
Visual and intuitive content editing
Schedule your marketing activities
Preview and edit at one place
Designed for continual adaptation to customer needs and market demands
Sophisticated image management options
Real data in real time
Display dynamic content like images, product data and live prices
Multichannel marketing
Real-time API connectivity
Use dynamic content from any source
Live prices with option to was price logic
The flexible approach
Maintain multiple content and product sources
Maintain multiple markets and languages
Manage all whitelabels of your platform
Build up whole pages in no time
Low dependency to the frontend

Our freshMS at a glance

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Manage your application easier than ever.With the native support of our freshMS you are able to manage your on page marketing activities in a convinient way without the need of confusing CMS backends. Benefit from live prices and availabilities for your offers and schedule your promotions as you like.
Your content & product sources.
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The possibilities.
Intuitive content editing
Schedule marketing campaigns
Build up pages in no time
Display dynamic content
Maintain multiple sources
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logo for mobile Profit from a solid, flexible & affordable platform foundation. The TravelSandbox® is designed to be your quickstart foundation to guarantee a short time to market process. If you want to, it’s of course possible to extend the base with custom features and general modifications to get the perfect solution for your business. And to be sustainable and flexible it doesn’t matter on which product or content sources you rely. Learn more about travelsandbox®

Manage your on page marketing in a whole new way

freshMS allows you to create and edit your website content in an intuitive way with real time product data like content and prices. Direct inline editing in the real view of your website makes it very simple to work intuitively. This has led to an easy-to-understand feature-rich content management system for e-commerce. It removes the need for working in complex backend systems and simplifies your daily work.
Dynamic front end content editing in a few steps
Sophisticated image management options
Intuitive user interface with real time API connectivity
High-quality, time-efficient page management
Designed for continual adaptation to customer needs and market demands
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Software for complex e-commerce scenarios