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mightyC® is a content player that offers a collection of features, tools and APIs that manages your content. It helps to aggregate your content to make it reusable, and easy to distribute.

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Communication with decentral content sources
Unification of your content from different content sources
Central data management and aggregation
Error-tolerant searches for your content
Grouping of content information from different sources
Provide specific content for any app or website centralized & controlled
Management of non-bookable data to make it available, for example, for internet booking engines (IBE)
Content-based page construction, offering explicit SEO advantages
Significant added value in conjunction with player hub technologies like Peakwork’s Player/hub technology

mightyC® at a glance

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Aggregate, manage and distribute your content.With mightyC® you are able to aggregate and normalize content from any source.Use several third party sources and combine them with your own one.Manage all data and distribute it to every necessary channel.
Non bookable content
Own data source
Media data
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logo for mobile Profit from a solid, flexible & affordable platform foundation. The TravelSandbox® is designed to be your quickstart foundation to guarantee a short time to market process. If you want to, it’s of course possible to extend the base with custom features and general modifications to get the perfect solution for your business. And to be sustainable and flexible it doesn’t matter on which product or content sources you rely. Learn more about travelsandbox®

Get your content easier than ever

mightyC® helps you to manage your existing content and open up new possible data sources. Through systematic normalization, they not only increase sustainability but also enable targeted playout in all systems and applications.
Decentralized content sources
Management of non-bookable files
Central data management and aggregation
SEO optimized content delivery and page layout
Perfect in combination with product data
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Software for complex e-commerce scenarios