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Get your content easier than ever

mightyC® is a content player that offers a collection of features, tools and APIs that manages your content. mightyC® aggregates your content to make it reusable and to distribute dynamic playback
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What does mightyC® offer

  • Communication with decentralized content sources
  • Unification of your content from different content sources
  • Central data management and aggregation
  • Management of non-bookable data to make it available, for example, to Internet Booking Engines (IBE)
  • Error-tolerant searches for your content
  • Content-based page construction, offering explicit SEO advantages
  • Grouping of content information from different sources
  • Significant added value in conjunction with Player Hub technologies such as that from Peakwork

Our products with proven success

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mightyC® is a content player with a central collection of features, tools and APIs for managing your aggregated, reusable content and for its distributed dynamic playback.

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travelsandbox® is the result of many years of intensive travel portal experience. It is a powerful toolbox providing sustainable solutions for complex e-commerce solutions.

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freshMS allows you to adapt your site dynamically in just a few steps. The power of freshMS is its intuitive user interface with real-time API connectivity.

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