About us

We are technology experts, real partners and your powerhouse for digital success

freshcells systems engineering GmbH is a software and consulting company from Düsseldorf. We design, develop and maintain professional and complex software solutions.

Since 2005 we have been supporting major customers with the approach of systems engineering. "Systems engineering is the well from which we draw and which forms the core of freshcells." - Tom Hülser CEO

We are partners in the conception and continuous development of complex systems, cross-platform, stable and flexible. A holistic technological approach combined with the pursuit of real added value is our formula for success.

In our multicultural team, software architects, UI/UX experts, web designers, application programmers, database programmers, strategy consultants, project managers, technical project managers, scrum masters, product owners and analysts with profound expert knowledge and many years of experience work together.

We believe: Excellent and absolutely honest consulting is the basis for successful projects. That is why many well-known companies from the tourism, media, consumer goods, chemical and pharmaceutical industries are among our long-standing clients.
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Facts about freshcells

Founded in 2005
Holistic software concepts
Over 100 satisfied clients
Engineering driven
Efficient & transparent
Strategic partner
Interdisciplinary expert teams
Realistic & honest

Experts for every area

Every area of freshcells has specialists working in their fields. Systems engineering ensures that the overview of the whole process is rigorously maintained. Interdisciplinary thinking keeps project members focused on the goal, even during difficult and complex project stages.