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freshcells presents new, interactive modules for its freshMS CMS solution at ITB 2023

Düsseldorf, March 2023 – freshcells systems engineering GmbH presents its new, Interactive freshMS Modules at ITB. freshMS is a content management solution for modern, digital marketing. The new, Interactive freshMS Modules now allow users to display the most suitable offers – based on user behaviour – at all times.

freshcells has established itself over the years as a digital solutions provider for the tourism industry. The TravelSandbox® platform and easy-to-start Quickstart solution allow customers to operate attractive and highly performant sales platforms. White labelling makes it possible to run a platform for one or more brands, selling tourism products such as package deals. Quickstart sees freshcells demonstrate how tourism sales or booking platforms can be designed to be flexible enough to create customer-oriented sales experiences, while drawing on data from several different sources. Online marketers know that better conversion rates are achieved by platforms able to adapt to the personal wishes of individual customers. The experts at freshcells asked themselves how marketing elements could be designed to be more flexible and thereby better positioned to respond to user interactions. If a user selects a specific departure airport from a search field, it is highly likely that the user will only book an offer connected to this departure airport. Likewise, if a user is planning to travel with children and specifies this in the portal, there is little point in displaying offers aimed at adults. The new, Interactive freshMS Modules are able to adapt to user interactions and settings. Hotel and travel destination teasers can be adapted to user-defined criteria and preferences. "This marks the beginning of a new phase taking us towards adaptive frontends. We're working on making marketing and sales systems capable of dynamically responding to the preferences and situational criteria of users. The sales environment should respond to users with marketing actions, and not simply filter products by parameters. In this way, it's similar to an experienced salesperson who advises customers competently and thereby achieves noticeably higher conversion rates," explains Tom Hülser, founder and CEO of freshcells. Technical lead Marvin Strenger adds: "We're currently working together with AI to allow our platforms to interpret behaviour demonstrated by users. The findings we draw from this will help the environment in which users make their travel purchase to adapt to their specific interactions and, thereby, to them as a customer." freshcells will unveil its interactive freshcells modules for the first time at booth 140 in hall 5.1 at ITB 2023 from 7 to 9 March 2023. For more in-depth discussions, freshcells recommends making an appointment in advance. Related links: TravelSandbox ® QuickStart Visual Content Editing for TravelSandbox ® freshMS
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