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freshcells announces integration of ChatGPT into freshMS to improve creative copy generation

freshcells, a leading company in the field of digital solutions, is pleased to announce the integration of ChatGPT into their innovative on-page editing tool freshMS. Customers of the premium version of freshMS now have access to marketing automation features with AI support.

As a first step, this solution offers customers creative inspiration or even complete automation when creating copy. freshcells has already carefully prepared the basic prompts and will keep refining them further into the future. In addition, the integration of ChatGPT into freshMS offers a new dimension in cooperation. Customers are now able to interact with the AI system and provide it with feedback in real time in order to further improve generated copy. Iterative cooperation between person and machine such as this helps develop a creative synergy, leading to high-quality, unique content. "It doesn't take any prophetic ability to see that Large Language Model AIs like ChatGPT are an absolute game changer for industry and business. For us, this integration marks the first step in grappling with LLMs," says Marvin Strenger, Teamlead Development at freshcells. "We are pleased to integrate the use of AI for our customers directly and seamlessly in their work routine." Weiterführende Links Visual Content Editing für die TravelSandbox ® freshMS
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