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Aldiana’s Landing Page using freshcells’s whitelabel TravelSandbox®

freshcells puts technological lead to the test at Aldiana

Based on its travelsandbox®, Düsseldorf, Germany, based freshcells systems engineering GmbH ensured a seamless transition in record time for resort operator Aldiana’s online packaging and booking processes. Following the insolvency of Thomas Cook Germany, Aldiana was faced with the immediate challenge of rapidly reorganizing its business processes. Because Aldiana was already using freshcells TravelSandbox® to operate its online platform (, the necessary transition was quick and seamless to implement. In under one month, freshcells completely replaced the existing packaging system and Thomas Cook's Nurvis booking processing software with Bewotec solutions. 'My heartfelt thanks to freshcells and my eCommerce team,' says Stefanie Brandes, CEO of Aldiana GmbH, expressing her delight at how smoothly the migration went. 'Their collaborative performance on this project was incredible and they executed the system conversion with superb precision.' This swift transition was made possible by the unique architecture of TravelSandbox®. The freshcells-developed framework completely separates the frontend from the powerful and flexible middleware. Preconfigured components for connecting the necessary settlement systems allow a fast and seamless change of the packaging system, the payment processor and other third-party systems. Like proven with the Aldiana platform, without the end customer noticing anything. The club operator’s business operations continued uninterrupted during the extremely short switchover period of under one month. 'The online travel market is becoming increasingly more dynamic. Businesses who do not respond quickly, efficiently and safely to new developments can easily slide into cost and technology pitfalls. That's why we deliberately designed TravelSandbox® to allow us to easily and economically carry out changes at our customers,' explains Tom Hülser, founder and owner of freshcells systems engineering GmbH. Aldiana is an excellent example of how the latest technologies combined with a well-thought-out, sustainable software architecture are key to the continued safeguarding and development of digital businesses. freshcells designs, develops and maintains complex eCommerce solutions and online configuration tools for global clients. Its service portfolio includes change consultancy services during the digital transformation of business processes, the development and provision of complete software products (including the use of its own TravelSandbox® and mightyC® frameworks as well as specifically developed modules for clients) and maintaining applications in the production phase. Clients from the tourism, retail, pharma, chemical, media, entertainment and consumer goods industries are all in good hands at freshcells.
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