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freshcells Launches Online Travel Portal for Fischer Group

eTravel is the new Fischer Group travel portal for the Czech market, offering one of the most comprehensive ranges of offers available.

The online travel market is one facing increasingly fierce competition. The advantage is held by providers who not only carry a wide range of offers but who also offer a user-friendly portal. The time required to research suitable offers from a host of different online travel agencies discourages users, as does being forced to navigate complicated and poorly designed user interfaces. The Fischer Group subsidiary's response to this trend is the new portal, delivering customers a huge range of offers from many different operators via its portal. "The greatest challenge was bringing the heterogeneous structure of each operator together into the unified logic of a single portal and offering users a consistent user experience," says Kirsten Schulte, Technical Project Manager at freshcells. The result is a modern onepager that uses powerful middleware to draw from a wide range of sources to deliver travel offers for every continent. Even hotel descriptions and images are pulled from diverse content sources in almost real time and converted into a unified data format. The software's architecture is designed so that despite whatever complexities exist in the background, the site achieves peak performance values. To do this, the technical designers and developers at freshcells have deployed the platform using latest web technologies, such as Simfony, ElasticSearch, React JS and more most modern components to operate. They have also used the agency's own proprietary components, such as its migthyC® middleware for content aggregation and organization. recently became available for customers in the Czech Republic. Detailed information on the services freshcells offers are available at
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