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Our customers and references

More than 100 customers from all industries Tourism, healthcare, finance, automotive, construction and many more

Our experience values

“Software rules the world. We master software”
+100 Customersfrom the toughest industries in the world.
+0 employeesIn Düsseldorf + worldwide network
+0 yearsStability & Quality
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We solve highly complex projects.

For years we have been solving even the most difficult software puzzles so that customers all over the world can relax and enjoy their holidays.
Example travel industry: Gigantic amounts of data in real time
  • Millions of flight data down to the last seat
  • Millions of flight data down to the last seat
  • Millions of hotel rooms down to the last detail
  • Millions of travel connections and additional offers,
    all timed to the minute and constantly updated.
  • Everything is controlled, merged and presented via a user-friendly front end.
Our methods have been formed over a decade in digital high-pressure projects and transferred to many industries. Over 500,000 hours of experience in the most complex and data-intensive system landscapes in Germany.
"Our experience is your advantage."