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The new way to manage your content. With a Headless CMS you remain independent from other systems.

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A headless CMS promises a lot.
But what is that anyway?

Websites are becoming more and more dynamic and often feel more like an application. We are in the midst of change and are slowly saying goodbye to old concepts.

A headless CMS should be the basis of modern architectures and at the same time meet all new requirements.

Regular content management systems deliver the stored data with predefined functions that can be used in their own template engine and generate the website.However, if data is to be output not only on the website but also on another server or in another medium, a simple content management system reaches its limits.It is not designed to make the data available outside its own template engine.

A headless CMS, on the other hand, does not provide either a view or a template engine.It consists exclusively of a backend, a database and an API.The API completely replaces the frontend of a Headless CMS and allows access to the stored data of the database.New data and contents are thus delivered via a typical RESTful API and can be retrieved with the most diverse programming languages.This has the advantage that the content can be taken from the CMS across servers and reused elsewhere.
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Where we can support you concretely

The complexity of the digital world requires a strong partner to stay on top.

Visual UI / UX conception of your next project
Technical evaluation of which TechStack is most useful for your project
Content and functional conception. What is really the Minimum Viable Product
Process optimization.
Analysis of your current digital processes
Optimization suggestions through already used or new technologies
Process optimization through targeted Application Development
Software architecture.
Analysis of your system landscape
Optimization of hosting and infrastructure
Customized software solutions with the highest standards

The most important advantages of
a Headless CMS at a glance.

For years we have been dealing with various headless CMS. Many approaches are similar and the following advantages can be identified compared to a classic CMS:
  • Flexibility in the choice of the medium. It does not matter whether the data is required on a website, an intranet or a native app.
  • Users of a headless CMS can easily reuse content once it has been entered. This saves time and promotes the effective creation of content.
  • The separation between backend and frontend usually provides more stability, because the frontend always remains available in case of maintenance or unexpected problems of the backend.
  • The design of a website can be adapted at any time without the CMS having to be readjusted every time a change is made.
  • Increased system security: Since publishing is separated from the database, the risk of DDOS attacks is reduced.
  • Speed: An application that focuses only on content delivery typically has a higher response time, and by separating content from delivery, systems can perform optimally.
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Profit from our
Partnership with Strapi

As already mentioned at the beginning, we have been using and thoroughly testing various systems over the last few years. Strapi turned out to be an excellent headless CMS.
Through our partnership with Strapi we can contribute significantly to product development and easily develop custom solutions.

Save yourself the trouble of trying it in our experience.

Get free advice on Headless CMS now

Enjoy the new
CMS flexibility

The new way to manage your content. With
a Headless CMS you remain independent of
other systems