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Increase in turnover through flexible e-commerce solutions

Create experiences for your customers. An absolutely solid technical basis as well as outstanding user experience are crucial for a successful platform.

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The important factor of technology.

Sandbox frameworkTo meet the complex requirements of a software solution for online sales, it makes sense to build a modular system. In the rough structures of the different e-commerce platforms there are large intersections, which partly allow reuse of system components. The modularity ranges from design elements, such as buttons or drop-down menus, to complex tree structures of a product list and the integration of booking interfaces or content sources. Modularization allows e-commerce systems to be implemented within a reasonable financial and time frame. Extensive frameworks also allow the use of white-label solutions. The goal: to operate several platforms with the same software basis. This reduces the necessary maintenance and further development effort and optimizes competitiveness. A framework allows to be as individual as possible without reinventing the wheel. A powerful framework like the <a href="/en/products/travelsandbox/">TravelSandbox®</a> is an example of a comprehensive tool kit with state-of-the-art technology. Quickstart, based on TravelSandbox®, <a href="/en/products/quickstart/">Quickstart</a> offers a largely finished software that can be adapted to individual needs.

AnalyticsOnce the e-commerce platform is live, the customers buying behaviour decides on success or failure. In order to be able to measure this and optimize the sales process, it is essential to have the most accurate knowledge possible of user behavior. Customer activities must be tracked in order to be able to make statements about necessary changes to the web solution with a sufficiently large database. As the market and user behaviour is in a constant state of change, it is an ongoing process to adapt an e- commerce solution to the needs of the market.

A/B TestingA/ B Testing is about testing two or more alternative features and measuring their success directly on the basis of the sales achieved.In the process, a defined proportion of users are presented with function A, while the other proportion of users access function B.The further behaviour is observed in each case, so that the corresponding booking or purchase transactions can be assigned to each function.The feature that emerges from this competition as the clear winner should be used by all users in the future(unless personalization of the function scope has been implemented).In order to make an A / B test as meaningful as possible, a reasonable period of time is needed and thus a representative number of visitors. Likewise, individual encapsulated functions should be compared, if possible, in order to identify the effectiveness of the better solution.

Booking systemsIn addition to the search, filterability and presentation of the products and services, the connection of a booking system is necessary for a purchase or booking to be completed. Usually this is connected to a merchandise management system, so that a query of the actual availability as well as the final booking can be made and the purchase can be processed.

Payment methodsA wide range of payment methods allows various target groups to buy or book conveniently and quickly. The effort of integration should be in a healthy proportion to the usage and thus to the generation of additional revenue. It is therefore crucial to draw on the experience of industry experts who have already successfully implemented e-commerce systems.

SEOIn order to reach the highest possible volume of users on its e-commerce platform, it is important that users of search engines like Google find the platform. It is important to find the balance between the individual goals and the specifications by Google. The better a web solution is optimized for search engines, the more users will find their way there. This organic traffic is generally the more valuable users who make more purchases/bookings.

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What makes a good e-commerce platform

The goal and thus the yardstick of a good digital sales platform is sustainable financial success. To achieve this, a good user experience must be created that appeals to all relevant target groups in terms of taste, buying behaviour, compatibility and trust. Many components play an important role in this process and must be in harmony. From software architecture, hosting, SEO optimization, product and content maintenance to brand engineering, there are a number of decisive criteria that determine the success of an e-commerce solution.

E-commerce System vs. Information-websiteProgramming a sales platform is generally a much more complex matter than a website that only provides information. There are many interdependencies in the value chain, where many cogs mesh.
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Ethical aspects

The media often report that online trade is displacing shops and thus destroying the retail trade. In fact, digitalisation does not seem to be finished yet and the total turnover through B2C platforms is increasing every year. In Germany, digital sales have tripled in the last 10 years alone. Nevertheless, the retail sector is not experiencing a loss of the same magnitude. On the contrary: In the retail sector, too, sales have been rising continuously (in relation to Germany) for over 10 years. In addition, no jobs are being lost as a result of digitalisation. Instead, completely new fields of activity are opening up and jobs are being distributed to other sectors. Our social market economy creates a balance here, so that different distribution channels can prove suitable for different products. What e-commerce takes away from the retail trade acts elsewhere as high-reach marketing and thus supports the retail trade.

Get free advice on e-commerce now

Add more information via data upload, such as a PDF. The maximum total upload size is limited to 25 MB.

Increase in turnover through flexible e-commerce solutions

Create experiences for your customers. An absolutely solid technical basis and outstanding user experience are crucial for a successful platform.