Why agile

We are your flexible partner

Why agile

What may have worked well yesterday could be outdated today and entirely irrelevant tomorrow. Our company manages its projects based on a foundation of strategic malleability, which is more of a cycle than a linear process. A handful of the basic steps which are involved are:

  • Detailed planning and analysis
  • Proprietary in-house design
  • Development and testing
  • Release and implementation
  • Maintenance and upgrades 

We may also choose to segment each phase into more manageable steps based on the exact project requirements. Nonetheless, the steps tend to work in sequential order and are repeated within a specific time frame. Each iteration can also be shortened or lengthened for the same reasons mentioned above.

Adopting this type of framework also provides transparency as to which steps are taking place within a discrete period of time. This is crucial from a back-office management perspective, and equally advantageous in order for our team to deliver the desired results within a given timeframe. 

Our talent goes far beyond developmental strategies and digital engineering alone. One of the reasons that freshcells has become so popular is the fact that we are flexible with regard to our clients’ budgets. We will never list fixed quotations. We work around the existing budget of the client and allocate our resources based upon their financial situation – customers receive everything they need, and nothing that they do not. Adaptation is the key to success and our techniques have already proven to be popular with major players within the travel industry.