Experts for every area

Experts for every area

Specialists in their fields work in every area at freshcells. Here, it is systems engineering that ensures that the overview of the whole process is never lost. Interdisciplinary thinking keeps project members focused on the goal, even in difficult and complex project stages. Among the technologies we use, it's worth mentioning the following:


Symfony is a leading open-source PHP framework. The main reason that this system has proven to be so very popular with developers is the fact that it is able to provide high-end and relatively complex web applications at an affordable price. Reduced development time is then combined with a lower overhead; ideal amenities for clients who are on a limited budget and yet still desire superior digital engineering solutions. As plug-in components as well as whole nodules can be added to the existing Symfony template, updating an existing system is quite easy.

Easy maintenance, constant improvements (thanks to its open-source nature) and scalable applications have enabled Symfony to offer a flexible and very economic edge. Clear designs, readable code and excellent debugging tools have also allowed this PHP framework to become an extremely effective tool. A final benefit that is not often recognised involves the fact that front-end developers as well as clients themselves can access this architecture when necessary. These are the reasons that our experts will often employ Symfony within our website engineering projects.


ReactJS is a highly flexible and efficient declarative JavaScript library, primarily intended for streamlining the process of building user interfaces. One advantage of this library is that much of the guesswork is taken out of the rendering process. 

Essentially, components instruct React in what needs to be rendered. React will then update such components when the environment dictates. Server-side rendering is also a possibility and pre-implementation testing is simple with the help of third-party tools such as Jest. From an intuitive standpoint, ReactJS is advantageous due to the fact that reading the code of installed components is simple. The functionality of a website is further enhanced thanks to the ability to visualize how such components are plugged into one another.

Our team also employs React Native for use within mobile application development. This is an excellent choice, as unique apps can be constructed through the use of Javascript alone. Additionally, React Native works in the very same way as the traditional React architecture. All applications are thereafter indistinguishable from those which employ standard code such as Java or Objective-C. This system employs all of the same UI components that are used within standard iOS and Android apps. React Native is an excellent option for building dedicated smartphone applications.