OdigeO eDreams

OdigeO eDreams Concept | Design | Web Development

freshcells has maintained the first OTA “Odigeo eDreams” with Opodo Deutschland since 2015.

From design implementation to booking integration, freshcells has undertaken a full-service Player Hub technology-based integration for Opodo.

In addition to striking features, this project also entails two routes (HotelOnly and Package) maintained by freshcells. Real-time price comparisons between multiple operators are made simple here.

  • Stateful application
  • Flexible upselling components (e.g. room/board matrix)
  • Favorites handling for offers (wish list)
  • Themed worlds
  • Teasers and form data externally manageable
  • Price comparisons
  • Map search (searching for offers using a map-controlled feature)
  • Implementation of Vianido
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