Native mobile application design is a core competency that provide using React Native and other efficient frameworks. We have experience designing dedicated apps for iOS, Android, Windows and other operating systems. Modern apps need to be memorable and, above all, easy to access while out and about. At freshcells, designing a native mobile application is as much of an art as it is a science. This is the reason why we employ technicians who are both highly experienced in design fundamentals and as equally savvy in terms of marketing.

Our mobile development team is specialized in:

  • Developing Native and Cross-Platform mobile apps
  • Dealing with complex functionalities in mobile apps user interfaces
  • Optimizing mobile apps for best performance
  • Using up-to-date and advanced mobile technologies, such as React Native
  • Continuously communicating with developers and project managers
  • Offering modern, personalized and, above all, efficient mobile solutions.

It is no secret that the world of smartphones is evolving at breakneck pace. Statistics indicate that these handy devices will soon represent the largest source of ongoing internet access. Some even predict that the days of the traditional personal computer may be numbered. While this claim remains to be seen, the fact of the matter is that mobile development technology must now represent the forefront of any strategic marketing programme. So, what can our team of experts offer the client, and what are some of the attributes that consistently set freshcells apart from its competitors?

In our mobile development strategy, bespoke and targeted UI interfaces are key to the ultimate success of a company and its brand. Customers and shoppers now have higher expectations than ever before. Pages must display quickly, and prioritizing mobile means that long-scrolling pages must take priority over static, paginated sites. Users should be able to zoom in on images and photos without sacrificing quality. Of course, these are only a handful of the examples which our team of experts addresses on a daily basis.