About Us

We seek partners not clients, because your success is our goal.

Tom Hülser | CEO

German Engineering
Since 2005

freshcells systems engineering GmbH is a Dusseldorf-based software and consultancy firm for professional and complex software solutions.

Since 2005, Tom Hülser and his team have provided guidance for their customers using the Systems Engineering approach. Proprietor Tom Hülser was early in identifying the potential of applied informatics while at university, and founded the company on this basis. Systems engineering is the well from which we draw and which forms the core of freshcells.

As system engineers, we see ourselves as partners in the creation and continued development of complex, cross-platform, robust systems. Our holistic, digital approach, in combination with our technological expertise, also contributes to creating real added value for our clients, both on the internet and in intranets.

Our multicultural team consists of software architects, UI/UX experts, web designers, application programmers, database programmers, strategy consultants, project managers, technical project managers, scrum masters, product owners and analysts with fundamental expert knowledge and many years of experience.

Excellent guidance with feel-good factor form the basis for a successful project at freshcells. This is why we are able to count many renowned companies from the tourism, media, consumer goods, chemical and pharmaceutical industries as our long-term clients.

Facts about freshcells

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Our number of employees has continually grown since 2005, and will continue to do so. freshcells is where colleagues become friends. Sharing the same passion builds bridges across diverse cultural backgrounds and languages. This is how exceptional performance arises: a guarantee for success.


Different Nations

The freshcells team is drawn from around the world. People from a wide range of countries work together here in Dusseldorf for your success.


University Partnership

Our cooperation with the University of Duisburg-Essen supplies the necessary exchange of theory and practice. This active partnership provides us with access to comprehensive expertise from the field of interactive design.


Proprietary Products

Using purpose-built products, we are able to meet the demands of our clients faster, more efficiently and more reliably, offering industry-specific solutions and services.

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Satisfied Clients

For our clients, we draw on our complete expertise and experience to find the best solution for each of them. This is how we repeatedly ensure well-deserved success for our clients. We do not see ourselves as only a service provider, but as a partner too – with the goal of a successful long-term cooperation.

Experts for every area

Specialists in their fields work in every area at freshcells. Here, it is systems engineering that ensures that the overview of the whole process is never lost. Interdisciplinary thinking keeps project members focused on the goal, even during difficult and complex project stages.

UX / UI Design

Design is more than just a layout to us. Our designers program directly in the development environment ...



Modern web development not only requires a command of display elements, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. ...


Project Management

Your project manager is continually available to you throughout the entire project ...


Long-term Partnership


Our partnership with the Interactive Systems Group, led by Professor Jürgen Ziegler, at the University of Duisburg-Essen provides us with access to comprehensive expertise in the field of interactive design.

When it comes to the subject of usability, we draw on scientific methods and not on subjective bias. The Interactive Systems Group and freshcells jointly tackle the topics of human-computer interaction, engineering for interactive systems, and context adaptive web applications.

Together with the group, the following topics are tackled and developed:

Interactive design and usability, focusing on usability engineering methods, design patterns for human-computer interaction and tools for online evaluation.

freshcells also works closely with the group in the field of personalized, context-sensitive web applications.